OS & Y Non-Rising Stem, Cast Iron, Ductile, Electric, Actuated, FF, RF, Socket Weld


CAST IRON GATE VALVES: Gate valves are isolation valves, and it is primarily designed to control flow, and when a straight-line flow of fluid and minimum flow restriction are needed. In service, these valves generally are either fully open or fully closed. Gate valves can be divided into two main types: Parallel and wedge-shaped. The parallel gate valves use a flat gate between two parallel seats, and a popular type is the knife gate valve designed with a sharp edge on the bottom of the gate.

  • Body Material: Cast Iron or Ductile Iron
  • Construction: OS & Y (Rising Stem) or NRS (Non-Rising Stem)
  • Wedge: Metal Seated or Resilient Seated
  • Coating: Epoxy Coating or Paint Coating
  • Size Range: NPS 1-1/2” ~ 48” ; DN40 ~ DN1200
  • Pressure Rating: Class 125 / Class 150 ; PN10 / PN16
  • End Type: FF, RF, Socket End
  • Mode of Operation: Hand-wheel, Wrench nut, Gearbox.
  • Design and Manufacture: MSS SP-70 or DIN 3352
  • Face to Face Dimensions: ASME B16.10 or DIN 3202 F4 / F5
  • Flange Ends Dimensions: ASME B16.1 or DIN 2532 / 2533, EN1092-2
  • Inspection & Test: API 598 or DIN 3230
  • Type: Cast Iron
  • Pressure: Up to PN40
  • Temperature: -76°F – +1202°F
  • Size: NPS 2-60

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